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BWI Airport Taxi Cab


If You are looking for a ride To and From BWI Airport ( Baltimore / Washington International Airport ), But Not sure, Which Transportation Company provides the services? or which one is most cost effective, safe and comfortable ride? I will compare following services for your convenience.

1). Airport Van and Limo LLC ( BWI Airport Transportation )

They operate Black Cars, Vans SUVs and Limos. They Provide Transportation To and From BWI Airport (They Cover Other Airports including DCA Airport, IAD Airport, PHL Airport and JFK Airport). Their Business office is open 6:00 AM to  10:00PM, Dispatchers are available Entire Time over the main Phone lines +1443-377-1616 / +1443-505-1196 Text: +1-410-530-1699 Fax: +1-443-303-8142 Email: Online 24X7 Reservation System is at Fare Calculator is very accurate. They Provide Following Services.

Economy Car 3 Passengers / 3 Bags

Minimum Fare ( First 8 Miles) $30

Per Mile Rate $2.2

Travel Time Cost $0.30 per minute

Executive Car 4 Passengers / 4 Bags

Minimum Fare ( First 8 Miles) $45

Per Mile Rate $2.5

Travel Time Cost $0.40 per minute

Executive SUV 7 Passengers / 6 Bags

Minimum Fare ( First 8 Miles) $55

Per Mile Rate $3.00

Travel Time Cost $0.50 per minute

Mercedes Sprinter 11 Passengers / 22 Bags

Minimum Fare ( First 8 Miles)$90

Per Mile Rate $4.00

Travel Time Cost $0.50 per minute

• Online Reservation System, Mobile App, 24x7 Email and Text Support. Dispatch Office available During 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
• Lost and Found Dedicated Support available during Business hours at Ph: +1-443-377-1616
• Duplicate receipts available by E-mail/Text request. 
• Professional Drivers with Higher Liability Coverage up to 1.5 Million.
• No Price Shock ( Fixed Prices / No Surge Pricing) , You pay as per estimate / Booking time price.
• The site www.VANandLimo.Com lets users enter a pickup location and a destination and estimates fares for each Trip for any selected vehicle. 
• AVL offer, On time Guarantee, If driver is late / No Show, You get Free Ride or they Pay for your Parking. 
• You can pay By Cash in Car, By Credit Card or Setup Prepaid Ride in advance. 
• AVL also Provide Child Seat or Booster Seats on Demand. No Other Transportation Company Provides this facility. 
• Confirmation Text / Email has complete Fare Price and Service Terms.
• You must have to make reservation Two hours in advance with BWI Airport Transportation, during Normal Business hours 6:00AM to 10:00PM. 

2). BWI Taxi Management INC. 

They operate White Color Taxi Cabs with Red Lettering on it. They operate only out of BWI Cab Stand. Do not have any Dispatch, Online Reservation System or Mobile App. Only Given Phone on Taxi Cabs is 410-859-1100

BWI Taxi from Airport Cab Stand 3-4 Passengers / 3-4 Bags

Initial Drop $2.90

Per Mile Rate $2.5

Travel Time Cost $0.40 per minute

Extra Bags Fee +2+0.25 Per Bag

Oversized Items $1.00 Per Item

TollsRound Trip Tolls, As per Actual usage

SNOW EMERGENCY Add 25% during Snow Emergency

• Cabs are readily available outside terminal During 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
• Pay as you go, Directly to Driver. No Middleman.
• No Dispatch System
• It is often observed drives take longer routes (Either By Distance or Time) to jack up the regular fare.
• No Lost and Found Contact, You will be Lucky to get duplicate receipt. If you left the bag, phone, or credit card in the taxi, Very Slim Chance to track the same driver. Best Bet is go back to Airport to find the same driver.

This Comparison is the courtesy of Airport Taxi and Limo Network ( So Passengers can estimate their cost and where they ran to? We hope, it would be interesting for people to see this information.